Development of the Plan

Foundations for the future growns from extensive engagement across the diverse ecosystem science community, and expresses its collective voice for the first time.  The process to develop the Plan was centred on principles of openness, inclusivity, and transparency and included:

  1.     An open, online survey to seek input from the wide ecosystem science community to the Plan;
  2.     Open Town-Hall meetings around the country to provide further opportunity for the ecosystem science community to discuss and have input to the Plan, along with options to run your own meeting or submit proposals as an individual;
  3.     Preparation and revision of a draft Plan document in response to the input from the broader ecosystem science community; and
  4.     Direct engagement with the end-users of ecosystem science to ensure the relevance and utility of the Plan and its content.

The development of the Plan took place across 2013-2014:

Overall, this process ensured that there were a range of opportunities for everyone to have input to the Plan, and to ensure that the final product reflected the combined input and contributions from across the community. You can read more about the consultation behind the Plan in Appendix 1 of Foundations for the future.